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Westcoast Sightseeing And BYD Launch The First Fleet Of Clean Energy Buses In Canada

Green bus with 'West Coast' on it, part of Westcoast Sightseeing's clean-energy tour offerings.
Westcoast Sightseeing And BYD Launch The First Fleet Of Clean Energy Buses In Canada

Vancouver, BC—WESTCOAST Sightseeing, Vancouver’s largest sightseeing operator, and BYD, the world’s largest manufacturer of electric vehicles, are pleased to announce that WESTCOAST Sightseeing will be acquiring and operating a fleet of over 80 zero-emission, electric buses. These new zero-emission buses will operate throughout Vancouver and southwestern British Columbia with daily tours and travel to Whistler, Victoria, the North Shore and around the city.

The first pilot bus has already arrived and the company will start taking delivery of new buses in 2018 and intends to replace its fleet over the next five years. By moving exclusively to zero-emission buses, WESTCOAST Sightseeing will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 2,000 tonnes per year when the fleet is fully operational.

“We began testing BYD buses here and in China a year ago. Today, WESTCOAST Sightseeing is excited to be working with BYD to launch our initiative to build the first fleet of clean energy buses in Canada.”

“We still have a lot of work to do to make this possible and will continue to collaborate and engage with like-minded partners to continue to improve the livability of our spectacular city and region,” said Robert Safrata, CEO of Changequity, which encompasses WESTCOAST Sightseeing and NOVEX Couriers, the greenest courier company in Canada.

“BYD is proud to be working with WESTCOAST Sightseeing to introduce our proven and reliable EV-Buses to Canada. As the world’s largest battery and electric vehicle manufacturer, we are passionate about supplying clean energy solutions that eliminate air pollution from public transportation while providing a new level of quiet, comfort and safety to passengers”, said Ted Dowling, Vice President, BYD Canada Company Inc.

BYD’s “New Energy” line of buses is silent running and has zero emissions, utilizing proprietary clean iron-phosphate battery technology. The C8 bus is 40 feet long and has a seating capacity of 42 passengers. It features a range of over 300 km on a single charge, with a full recharge within two hours. The new buses will be powered by clean, renewable energy from BC Hydro. Bullfrog Power will ensure that green electricity from a blend of wind and low-impact hydro power sourced from new Canadian renewable energy facilities is put into the grid to match the amount of conventional electricity the WESTCOAST Sightseeing fleet uses.

About WESTCOAST Sightseeing:

Vancouver-based WESTCOAST Sightseeing is a privately owned business, and the largest sightseeing operator in Vancouver. WESTCOAST Sightseeing has been sharing remarkable experiences with guests in Vancouver, Victoria and Whistler for over 30 years and has partnership with many leading tourism attractions and affiliates.

About BYD:

BYD has delivered more than 25,000 Electric buses worldwide and recently expanded an existing manufacturing facility in Lancaster, California, in September of this year. The plant is designed to produce 1,500 electric buses, delivery vehicles, forklifts and other vehicles each year making it the largest such facility in North America. With revenues of $17 billion annually, BYD is a leader in electrical vehicles in China and, increasingly, worldwide with global sales including London, Australia, Europe and the U.S.

Media Contact:
Karen Cook