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Vancouver’s Westcoast Sightseeing Acquires “dinner In The Sky”

A cruise ship sailing near a city at twilight.
Vancouver’s Westcoast Sightseeing Acquires “dinner In The Sky”

Unique Sky-High Gourmet Dining Experience Will Be Offered throughout
2018 Summer Season

VANCOUVER, BC—WESTCOAST Sightseeing will add “Dinner in the Sky” to its array of exceptional west coast offerings and tours, starting in June 2018 and running for three months over the summer. Showcasing Vancouver’s spectacular ocean, mountain and city vistas and world-renowned dining, “Dinner in the Sky’s” local and international guests will dine high above Vancouver.

“We help over 350,000 people enjoy fun, enriching and remarkable experiences here in beautiful coastal B.C. every year, and we see “Dinner in the Sky” as a perfect complement.” said Robert Safrata, CEO of WESTCOAST Sightseeing. “We’re excited to offer this spectacular dining and sightseeing experience to local and international guests in 2018 and beyond.”

WESTCOAST Sightseeing will soon announce a central location and a local chef who will oversee culinary decisions and creations for the upcoming 2018 season, as well as a mixologist and sommelier to enhance and complement guests’ dining, viewing and pampering experiences. They are also seeking partnerships with other Vancouver and area businesses to offer guests local and sustainable foods, beverages and other delights.

“Dinner in the Sky” serves 22 guests with four staff including the chef and one designated safety lead. Guests can enjoy a 360-degree view with secure, comfortable rotating and reclining seating. The popular venue will offer eight to ten breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, and other experiences each day, as well as themed special events, weddings and other private celebrations. The venue will include a premium reception lounge for check-in and pre- and post-dining beverages, appetizer and dessert.

Individual and tour package tickets for “Dinner in the Sky” are available at

About WESTCOAST Sightseeing:

Vancouver-based WESTCOAST Sightseeing is a privately owned business, and the largest sightseeing operator in Vancouver. WESTCOAST Sightseeing has been sharing remarkable experiences with guests in Vancouver, Victoria and Whistler for over 30 years and has partnership with many leading tourism attractions and affiliates. WESTCOAST Sightseeing has committed to convert its fleet of 80+ vehicles to zero-emission, electric buses over the next five years, with the first clean-energy buses arriving in 2018.

About “Dinner in the Sky”:

“Dinner in the Sky” was founded in Belgium over 30 years ago and first came to Vancouver last year for a sold-out month of July, delighting diners with gourmet food, cocktails, wine and stunning views 100 feet in the sky in North Vancouver. It is now enjoyed in 50 countries worldwide.