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Westcoast Sightseeing Expands Its Clean-energy Electric Harbour Tours To False Creek

Eco-friendly Electric Harbour Tours by Westcoast Sightseeing in False Creek
Westcoast Sightseeing Expands Its Clean-energy Electric Harbour Tours To False Creek


Vancouver, BC—WESTCOAST Sightseeing is thrilled to add a new False Creek harbour tour this summer, aboard electrically powered, 10-passenger boats, in Heritage Harbour at the Maritime Museum dock at Kits Point. This expands Vancouver’s first zero-emission boat tour offering.

The new tours will leave Heritage Harbour as guests enjoy a narrated cruise into False Creek, where they will see Granville Island, Vancouver’s picturesque floating homes, then travel under the Cambie Bridge to iconic Science World, the 2010 Olympic Games’ athlete’s village and some of the beautiful parks, restaurants and buildings on Vancouver’s award-winning and sustainable waterfront. The hour-long intimate tour is filled with photo ops and fascinating stories about the history of some of Vancouver’s best-known sites.

Visitors from out of town, and sightseeing locals, can board the Hop-On, Hop-Off tour and hop off at the Maritime Museum. After the electric boat tour, guests are able to either hop on and continue the tour, or take a scenic walk along the seawall to Granville Island, to explore and then hop on there.

“Our guests have been enjoying the Coal Harbour tours, and this adds a new option and perspective to
Vancouver’s waterfront experiences. In addition to a new tour, we’re also offering private events
including for the upcoming Celebration of Light fireworks on July 28, August 1 and 4,” said Jason Bryant, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, WESTCOAST Sightseeing.

The locally owned and operated tour company launched Canada’s first zero-emission harbour tour
experience in May when it began offering Coal Harbour e-Tours for up to 10 passengers, which continue and include up-close views of Stanley Park and Canada Place.

Electric Harbour Tours use a fleet of four electric-powered boats. The carbon fuel savings for these four boats combined is estimated at 18,400 kg per season – the equivalent of four average passenger
vehicles operating all year – with no waste emitted into the air or water. The boats are silent, so they do not bother marine animals and provide a quiet tour experience for passengers as they peacefully
navigate the waters.

The new boats are 100% electric with lead-acid batteries holding a 10-hour charge and receive a boost
charge while docked. The luxuriously appointed boats were manufactured by Duffy Boats in California who have specialized in electric boats for over 40 years. Duffy Boats are used world-wide and are the vessel of choice for the environmentally stringent California Fish and Game Department for the exploration of sensitive marine habitats.

For more information or to book a tour, visit

About WESTCOAST Sightseeing:

Vancouver-based WESTCOAST Sightseeing is a privately owned business, and the largest sightseeing
operator in Vancouver. WESTCOAST Sightseeing has been sharing remarkable experiences with guests in Vancouver, Victoria and Whistler for over 30 years and has partnerships with many leading tourism attractions and affiliates. WESTCOAST Sightseeing has committed to convert its fleet of 80+ vehicles to zero-emission, electric buses over the next five years, with the first clean-energy buses arriving in 2018. The Company also owns Dinner in the Sky Canada. Tickets for all WESTCOAST Sightseeing tours are available at and will also be sold at solar-powered pop-up kiosks around Vancouver this summer.


Jason Bryant
Vice President, Sales and Marketing
WESTCOAST Sightseeing

Karen Cook
Cook Public Relations