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Kicking Off A New Season With Our New Name And Logo

Three green buses displaying 'green bus' logo, representing Westcoast Sightseeing's new name and logo
Kicking Off A New Season With Our New Name And Logo

Spring came early to our gorgeous west coast this year, so we’re excited to start rolling out some of our tour experience updates for you and your guests in the coming weeks. But first we wanted to share some important news about our branding.

We have a new name and logo y’all!

Westcoast Sightseeing WCSS Grayline LOGO COLOUR

As many of you know, WESTCOAST Sightseeing has represented Gray Line here in Vancouver for 8 years as one of their 230 partners worldwide. On May 1, we’re combining the brands creating our new name:  Gray Line Westcoast Sightseeing.

Like WESTCOAST Sightseeing, Gray Line has a reputation for consistently providing guests with exceptional travel experiences, but on an even more international scale. So we decided to give Gray Line a bit more emphasis on our website, on our vehicles, team-wear and in all of our promotional material. This will help international visitors immediately see that they can trust us to show them a good time for their important and treasured travel adventures.

We’re keeping our unique and easily identifiable bright green and blue vehicles and adding a bit of west coast scenery to them because we live and work in the best place on earth and want to show it off.

Here’s a sneak peek:

  • Westcoast Sightseeing bus

You’ll see our new name, logo and graphics on our brochures, our website, our team uniforms and our fleet on a street near you very soon, and we can’t wait.

Also in the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing some new and expanded tour experiences, but we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves so please stay tuned.

Thanks for your ongoing support – we’re looking forward to working with you this season to help create remarkable experiences for our guests as they visit Vancouver.