Vancouver Aquarium


  • Sea Otters, Tanu And Katmai, Rafting at the Vancouver AquariumCredit: Vancouver Aquarium
  • Children watching jellyfish at the Vancouver AquariumCredit: Vancouver Aquarium.
  • Teck Connections Gallery at the Vancouver Aquarium entranceCredit: Vancouver Aquarium.
  • Pacific Sea Nettles at the Vancouver Aquarium in Stanley ParkCredit: Vancouver Aquarium.

Sea otters, steller sea lions and 50,000 other aquatic creatures await your arrival at Canada’s largest aquarium. Long-established as a global leader in marine research, education and conservation, the Vancouver Aquarium offers visitors an unforgettable experience through face-to- face engagement with a wide array of amazing animals. You can also immerse yourself in the 4D Experience Theatre, which combines the high-definition excitement of a 3D film with thrilling sensory effects! Find out for yourself why the Vancouver Aquarium is one of the world’s favourite aquariums.

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Did you know?

  • The Vancouver Aquarium is home to more than 70,000 animals!
  • In 1996, Vancouver Aquarium became the first aquarium in the world to promise never to capture whales and dolphins from the wild.
  • The orca statue, Chief of the Undersea World, in front of the aquarium, was designed by famous First Nations artist Bill Reid.