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Flyover Canada

As the second largest country in the world, most visitors to Canada don’t have the luxury of experiencing our land from coast to coast. FlyOver Canada remedies this situation with a completely immersive film experience that treats you to the best that Canada has to offer. Complete with sensory effects such as wind in your face, mists from Niagara Falls and the scents of rainforests, this 8 minute experience gives you the feeling of flight right across this magnificent and beautiful country of ours.

*FlyOver Canada offers pricing based on availability.  The final booking price may be different than the listed Tickets From price.

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Take one of our Hop-On, Hop-Off buses to Canada Place (Stop #1).

Variety is the spice of life, so choose which stop you Hop-On and Hop-Off to explore the city!   Your view of the city will be like no other as you tour the streets with the wind in your hair, experiencing our vibrant downtown with all of your senses. You will be accompanied by a recorded commentary that is available in multiple languages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any age, height or weight restrictions?
FlyOver Canada has a height restriction of 40" (102cm) and taller.
Can I take Flyover Canada if I am pregnant?
Industry guidelines advise that pregnant women should not participate in motion rides. Although FlyOver Canada is a very gentle motion ride, we follow the industry guidelines and ask expectant mothers to refrain from taking the ride.
How long is the FlyOver Canada experience?
The entire experience lasts approximately 25 minutes. This includes the preshow Uplift, by Moment Factory, the pre-flight briefing in the boarding zone, and the 8 minutes you’ll spend on the Ultimate Flying Ride.
I am afraid of heights and suffer from motion sickness. Should I ride FlyOver Canada?
The FlyOver Canada experience is a gentle ride. Guests sit in chairlift-style seats and are elevated before a large, spherical screen. The visuals are enhanced by special effects, including wind and scents, to create the illusion of actually flying over the landscape. The experience is suitable for young children (must be 102 cm/40″ tall) and seniors alike. Although most people don’t experience any issues with the motion or the elevation – even those who, at times, experience such difficulties – a very small percentage of the public may find it uncomfortable. Therefore, if you are particularly susceptible to motion sickness or fear of heights, you may wish to consider refraining from participating.
Is Flyover Canada wheelchair accessible?
Yes! However, please note that FlyOver Canada features an amusement ride involving motion. Our guests who use wheelchairs may go on the Ultimate Flying Ride only if they are able to transfer from their wheelchair to the ride seat by themselves or with the assistance of a companion. Otherwise, they may enjoy the media from a stationary position on the ride platform, accompanied by one of our flight guides. For safety reasons, in this situation, companions must go on the ride or wait off the ride platform. We ask that guests who will be arriving in wheelchairs please contact us in advance of their visit.
What time is FlyOver Canada open until?
FlyOver Canada is open from 9:30 a.m. until 8:30 p.m. seven days a week. Please note that hours of operation may be changed due to special events. We recommend contacting us at 604-451-1600 or their website for the latest information.
What are the safety requirements?
While FlyOver Canada is intended for all ages and the ride movement is gentle yet thrilling; expectant mothers, and guests with the conditions mentioned below, are advised to refrain from participating: All passengers boarding FlyOver Canada must be over 102cm/40″ tall. You should not purchase FlyOver Canada if you: Have a fear of heights or susceptibility to motion sickness, heart conditions, chronic back or neck pains, photosensitive epilepsy or conditions aggravated by visual stimuli such as flashing lights, sensitivity to scents (FlyOver Canada employs artificial scents as a special effect).